Mending Tomorrow is a book about the questions of life–not the questions we ask of life, but the questions life, and the Author of life, asks of us. “How will you respond to this? What kind of person will you be?”

Many of these questions we would rather not answer. We’d rather God not ask us to respond to loss, pain, betrayal, and disappointment. For author Alyssa Quilala, the hardest question to answer after the death of her baby son was, “Will you trust God?” Choosing to get up each morning and say “yes” was a daily battle, but she knew it was the battle for herself–and for all those who needed her “yes.”

In Mending Tomorrow, Alyssa invites her readers to join her in learning how to respond well to this and other challenging and important questions. How do you handle emotional pain? How do you overcome fear of loss or failure? How do you be yourself in a world that wants you to be someone else? How we respond is ultimately who we become. Our tomorrows will be mended, or broken, by how we answer these questions today.

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Alyssa Quilala is a wife, mom, minister, and fitness instructor. She and her husband Chris Quilala, lead singer for the worship band Jesus Culture, are the parents of Ella and Aria and overcame the unexpected stillbirth of their son, Jet, whom she carried in pregnancy for almost nine months. During the writing of this book, Alyssa gave birth to their 3rd daughter, Liv!

Alyssa is actively involved in ministry at her home church, Jesus Culture Sacramento. Along with being an ordained minister, Alyssa is also certified in Pilates, Barre Training, Spin Bike, and Group Fitness Training. Alyssa is passionate about living out a healthy way to express emotions, and helping others overcome traumatic experiences with biblical tools. She believes that both physical health and emotional health are crucial parts of living a whole and happy life in Christ.
“There’s a certain power in being taught by someone who has lived the reality of the theme they seek to teach on. That’s exactly why Alyssa Quilala’s brave, beautiful book will impact many lives so deeply. In Mending Tomorrow, she speaks with an inspiring mix of vulnerability and authority, reminding us how to remind ourselves of the goodness of God, even as we walk through the valley of shadows. Her willingness to let us inside their story, and Chris Quilala’s poignant chapter too, are a huge blessing. This book will help so many people who have lost little ones and loved ones—and help make better worshippers of us all."
Singer, Songwriter, UK
"I am so grateful that Alyssa Quilala has written a book about her experience with the walking with God in the midst of loss and unanswered questions. She has opened up her life and allowed us to walk the journey with her in a real and honest way so that others facing hard situations may experience the same strength, hope, and love she experienced found only in God. The truths in Mending Tomorrow will reveal the heart of a good Father who draws close to us in our loss and pain."
Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture Director
"How can this be? How can our greatest loss become the place of our greatest gain? This mystery is so wonderful and glorious that in it we become enabled to embrace a lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise regardless of circumstances. Because He always remains the same, it is the only logical way for the believer to live. But [Alyssa's] story doesn’t end with springs of refreshing. The conclusion is that the “rain also covers it with pools.” Not only has this family turned their tears into springs—God has added His portion called the rains of blessing, favor, and increase to their lives. Their place of greatest inadequacy has become their place of greatest authority."
Bill Johnson
Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA. Author of When Heaven Invades Earth and Hosting the Presence.
"I am in awe of Alyssa’s courage and determination to pursue the goodness of God throughout her experience of walking through such loss. In Mending Tomorrow, Alyssa shares her own stories and core beliefs on what worship looks like, even in the depths of pain. She encourages us to pursue hope and to have faith in God’s Word, though we may not yet see the light in the tunnel we are journeying through. This message is a healing read that is full of promise and the love of the Father."
Kari Jobe
Singer, Songwriter
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